Is Including Multimedia Important For Your Website Success?

March 4th, 2021 by dayat No comments »

In today’s era where technology is on a boom and reaching a new height day by day we must understand the need of graphics and their importance in our content which we use in our web pages to represent our business.

Apart from importance in content, there are several aspects in GUIs (Graphic User Interfaces) to be kept in mind if we are thinking of introducing new graphics or improvise existing graphics in our web page such as its relativity to the content and the topic, clarity of expression in the exact manner we want to portray. Further, we should make sure that the content we are uploading should be out of the box and unique or should be at par with the competitors. Well the best advice for beginners in the designing field is that they can keep themselves in customer’s place and then realize how to make a catchy GUI for any webpage.

Any market research will yield the same result that the webpages with better GUIs, more visual content such as videos, animations, images have far more conversion ratio as compared to those webpages who involve less visual content. Although quality also plays a vital role in business generation, but Visual content is a very important requirement which adds a better look, also provides a better understanding to the viewer. Recent studies have shown that any webpage visitor in general reads around only 20-25% of the text content where in rest 75-80% visual content, Social Media also uses around 40-45% of its space to share visual content than compared to any other format, all these are indications that the consumers are nowadays more keen to get a visual content than text

Also, when we talk about Visual/Graphic/Media content, we ought to mention that they are relatively easy to understand and science also approves that they reach the human brain faster than textual content. Further, the visual content which is very important lately for our webpages, an advice to all the fellow developers, we should not totally forget about the textual content. Yeah, the introduction of Graphics, Visuals or Media will take space and hence we have to insert only limited textual data to compensate as none of the consumers like heavy or extra ordinarily lengthy webpages. The textual content, however, should be to the point, crisp and must look attractive if we want our webpage to generate better traffic and yield a good amount of business for us.