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Distinguishing Between Animation and Multimedia

September 25th, 2021

How many of us know the definition of graphics, animation and multimedia? It is very much possible that an outsider has a common definition for all the three terms. Before a person enters this industry it is important to understand the primary difference between graphics, animation and multimedia.

The first obvious way of understanding these colloquial terms is that it is a cycle, first it is graphics, when motion is infused into these graphics it becomes animation and when sound is added to animation it becomes multimedia. Even if we simply analyze the word multimedia it clearly connotes amalgamation of different media.

It has been observed that we use words like ’3D animation movie’ to describe or refer a final 3D product, whereas the right way of addressing it is multimedia, but since the animation used in it is 3 dimensional therefore the 3D word is pointed out to describe its USP.

Multimedia is further divided into linear and non linear. Movies are linear, since viewers can only watch them but when an element of interface is infused into the multimedia like in case of games wherein the viewer participates and controls the progress of the action, it is classified as non-linear.

The aforementioned description is an attempt to understand multimedia from the perspective of entertainment and online education. The job opportunities in this field have been increasing for the last few years. In order to suffice the growing requirement of multimedia professionals many institutes have sprung up at different corners in India. Big cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Pune offer ample jobs in the multimedia sector. Maya Academy of Advanced Cinematics is one of the most popular institutes that impart training in multimedia. MAAC has centers in all the cosmopolitan centers in India. The MAAC centre in Delhi attracts students from entire North India; it has emerged as an important seat of learning for multimedia techniques. It is looked up by many individuals as vocational training; the field demands a judicious mix of talent and knowledge of techniques. The domain of multimedia has emerged as a good career alternative for many individuals who wanted to walk a different career path. But it is very important for us to understand that everyone cannot become a multimedia professional, one needs to have a bent of mind towards arts and aesthetics in order to excel in multimedia because techniques can be taught but talent needs to be honed which has to be inborn.